This is the brand new website for Bexhell based out of Springfield, MA. All the information you need to know will be noted in detail in this area. Be sure to check back frequently for updates and new information on Bexhell !



Josh Pierce - Vocals/Guitar

Too Lazy to write a Bio,typical musician...ugh


Patrick Chartrand - Vocal/Guitar

Never got past 3rd grade so his writing skills are too limited.


Steve Bexhell - Guitar
Steve started playing guitar when he was fifteen years old. He and his brother who played
the drums would spend days in the basement trying to copy all of Led
Zeppelin's songs. If 'Dazed and Confused' wore them out they would just play the
blues until their mother would yell "supper!!" Jimmy Page always amazes Steve with
his style of playing, and Stevie Ray Vaughn is a close second favorite.

Steve's first band was Bottoms Up, a Southern Rock to Rolling Stones and
everything in-between band. His favorite gig was Shaker Park. Back in the eighties
if you played there you were big! "We rocked!"

After Bottoms, Steve played with a few musicians with little success but his love for all types of music kept
his interest. After some years passed his old friend called Steve up and asked him if he was doing anything. The friend said he had the perfect situation, "we need a guitar, were playing everything." Steve thought, "Cool!" He hooked up with Bexhell and the rest is history.

"I hope you like the good mix and style of our music as I do. And hope to see you at our shows!" - Steve

Andy Crannick - Drums

"I like to hit shit" !

AL Trombley - Bass

Al's rock star (lol) career began at the age of thirteen when his father brought
him to the pawn shop, and he discovered a bass that resembled Paul McCartney's.
Upon finding this bass guitar, came along the band Cornerstone which featured his
buddies from the neighborhood. Cornerstone practiced in the garage, ate all the food
in the house, and performed loud rocking concerts for their friends. They
could hear us from everywhere; they would come from the streets all around
our neighborhood. That's when Al knew bass guitar was for him, and he became

Al's career kicked into overdrive when he joined the band "Bottoms Up" at the age of fifteen. Bottoms Up performed at such venues as senior proms and class day. After that they started booking clubs. Al's most memorable gigs were opening
for Arizona Maid, Nantucket at Scrimshaws, The Stompers and George Carlin at the Rusty Nail, etc.

Al and his band headlined for a couple years performing as many as four times a week. Like the tides of change, family life became his top priority and he had to take some time off. After many years Al is back, inspired by his wife who said in a supportive tone,"You're not old, get off the sofa, find a band to play bass for, live your dream !"

"I never thought I would hear those words from her." - Al